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How To Use Kolbe’s Implementor Talent For Business Success

Natural talents are often subconscious and difficult to measure, yet crucial to understanding the kind of work that allows us to be most productive and contribute our best. Luckily, there is one tool that helps us do so, providing hugely valuable insights to businesses to improve not just individual efficiency, but also working relationships and team collaboration.

The Kolbe ATM Index gives you a score of 1-10 in one of four Action Modes®: Fact Finder, Follow ThruQuick Start and Implementor.


This action mode is about the instinct to construct or not. This chart shows the three zones that people fall into with their Implementor score. Let’s take a look at what they mean in practice.

Kolbe Implementor score range explanationIMPLEMENTOR SCORE 7-10: “DEMONSTRATE” TALENT

People who initiate problem-solving with the Implementor talent will work until they are satisfied they have constructed a concrete solution. They have an uncanny sense of where objects need to go and how to get them there. They protect, construct, transport, and demonstrate the tangible goods of life. They have a natural ability to build and produce quality and substantial tangible solutions, including creating the machines and technology that make those things possible.

Implementor “Demonstrators” in Action

  • Mark, an 8 in Implementor, has led teams that manage fleets of boats and yachts over the years. He likes to lead by showing his people what to do. In his personal life, he is always mindful of physical needs. For example, he has a full complement of ski wax types for different kinds of weather and makes sure everyone’s skis are prepared for the conditions on the slopes.
  • Jeff – a 7 in Implementor – trains clients on presentation skills, teaching them how to use their body as an important tool when presenting. And he does so by “demonstrating” the skills.


Those with this score have a knack for both participating in the process of constructing solutions and assisting when it is essential to creatively deconstruct. They are at their best when they are trimming and repairing. They have the instinctive strength to handle the differences between built things and those who imagine how they could be built. On a team, they are the ones who remove obstacles, whether real or imagined. They will use whatever material, machinery, or equipment is available.

Implementor “Restorers” in Action

  • Chris, a 6 in Implementor, is always comfortable with mechanical solutions and tools. As he works through problems, he physically sees the solution in his mind, which helps in his work running IT teams in database operations.  At home, he enjoys all kinds of manual projects, from repairs to gardening and beekeeping.
  • Larry is the property manager for a large rental building in the city. His 5 in Implementor makes it easy for him to understand the repairs the apartments need and communicate them to the janitors. He is also quite good at fixing hardware or things that break in the office.


This is the Implementor “resist mode”, which means people with this score are comfortable with abstract solutions. Teams need members with this instinctive strength to provide a counterpoint to the demonstrators (score 7-10), who may “overbuild” an approach. They jury-rig fixes using stopgap solutions that provide temporary effects. They often have repair people on speed dial!

Implementor “Envisioners” in Action

  • Joe, a 3 in Implementor, is a healthcare consultant whose clients are mostly insurance companies. Joe finds it draining to manage and stay updated on the technology his job requires, so he tries to delegate this type of work to others if the tasks are time-consuming.
  • Louise, a 2 in Implementor, is a team training consultant. While she drafts her own PowerPoint slides, she has her assistant polish them and creates the physical handouts she uses for the sessions.  She also always asks her clients to ensure someone will be available to help her connect her laptop to the client’s monitor. Those types of tasks are difficult and exhausting for her.


As with each of the other three Kolbe Action Modes®, all three Implementor talents can support a team in being most successful.  Leaders in the Envision or Restore Zones will need innate Demonstrators on their team, as the latter’s talent will help turn their vision into concrete and practical solutions.

Contact me if you are interested in your team’s Kolbe profile and how to use it to increase the success of your business.

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