Are you and your team working against yourselves?

The Kolbe System™

A proven, scientific approach to higher individual and team performance

We all have a way of approaching tasks and solving problems that is unique and natural to each one of us. When we hit that “zone”, we are able to fulfill our potential. When we go against it, we experience problems, frustration, and even fatigue.

The Kolbe System™ makes it easy to be in that zone, all the time. It also shows you the synergies and challenges you can expect when working with others, based on how they work best.

When it comes to teamwork, people working in the same fashion will have a harder time collaborating than people who approach problems differently.

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How can Kolbe help you?

Kolbe has a far-reaching impact on individual and company performance and can be applied to leadership, teamwork, and hiring practices.


Reveals new insights on how you are born to lead and how to use that information to increase your results.

  • Bring more of yourself into your role
  • Achieve your goals faster, more easily
  • Build your work around your natural talents
  • Know which tasks you should delegate
  • Get rid of exhaustion
  • Interact better with others
  • Reduce stress and frustration
  • Increase job fulfillment


Predicts how to work more productively together given each individual’s natural way of working.

  • Discover the why of your teamwork issues
  • Meet deadlines with ease
  • Have more productive meetings
  • Pick the best people for each project
  • Make the most of each person’s talents
  • Reduce employee burnout and turnover
  • Improve team communication
  • Increase respect for one another


Predicts a candidate’s fit for the job and the team, using criteria like role expectations and existing team composition.

  • Look beyond resumes and interviews
  • Understand the factors most likely to determine the candidates’ success in the role
  • Know who will work best with the team
  • Save time and money by hiring the right person
  • Receive tips on how to ask better interview questions
  • Onboard new hires to accelerate relationship building


Data alone don’t create the desired change if you don’t know how to turn them into consistent day-to-day action. As a certified Kolbe Master Team Consultant, I combine my 20-year knowledge of the tool with my coaching experience to help you move from the data to tangible and long-lasting results.


Understand what your scores mean and how they explain the patterns you experience when working alone and in teams.


Learn how to apply the insights to your job daily, so you can do work that energizes you and collaborate with others effortlessly.

Susan is an expert at understanding what the Kolbe data is saying and bringing that to life in a practical way that’s easier for people to grasp.

~ Alicia Sutor, Managing Partner, Growth Play

Thanks to Susan’s coaching on Kolbe, we had a lot of very meaningful and insightful conversations both as a team and one-on-one. We restructured many departments to be more effective and now use Kolbe in our onboarding process to accelerate good working relationships.

~ Jeff Cohen, Founder & President, CIC Plus

The self-understanding that comes from doing Kolbe with Susan has been miraculous in some of the companies she’s worked with and has brought such great value to the Vistage members.

~ Mike Lauesen, Chairman, Vistage