A team’s performance can be a lot higher than the sum of its individual contributions. Yet, this only happens when team members work in an environment of trust and know how to motivate each other to solve their challenges with collaborative results.   By working from their distinct strengths and utilizing synergies among team members, the team will thrive.   Team Development can help:

  • Increase the effectiveness of each team member and the team as a whole;
  • Work collaboratively with less stress;
  • Improve communication and trust among all team members;
  • Make better strategic use of time during projects and meetings;
  • Understand how to distribute responsibilities among the individual contributors and the talent to hire to best complement the team.


Team Development engagements include a combination of team sessions and individual coaching with the goal of transforming the way the team works together. The coaching will strengthen teamwork and develop each individual member into a more productive and motivated performer. Everyone will gain eye-opening insights about themselves and their teammates, and learn what they need from each other to work more effectively together. Engagements can be short term (one day to a month) or long term (a few months to a year), depending on the team’s situation and needs.

The Process




The Team Development process can include a combination of proven assessment tools, observation of existing team dynamics, one-on-one coaching, and practical group exercises anchored in everyday team issues. The Tools      

Obtain honest feedback from all team members about current individual and team challenges

Learn about each team member’s core strengths and innate problem solving abilities to make the most of team collaboration

Identify erroneous job performance expectations that might be causing undue stress

Understand everyone’s ability to relate and connect to their team members

Assess the leader’s ability to understand team morale, influence others and manage resistance to change

Teach the team how to recognize the pitfalls of loss of objectivity and “groupthink”

Everyone will feel empowered and re-energized discovering the value of each team member’s strengths and what the team can accomplish together.  




“Susan creates a win/win situation for everyone involved.”
– Dave Tuttle, CFO, High Growth Technology Company
“Susan’s expert knowledge and leadership skills give any organization the one-two punch they need for a successful, high performing team. She is an outstanding facilitator and coach who has developed engaging group activities that are fun and impactful to bring concepts to life.”
– Selma Bouhl, VP Marketing Strategy & Creative Services, American Red Cross


“Susan has helped us make a huge shift in our business, in terms of collaboration, productivity and bringing joy back to the firm.”
– Rhonda Marcucci, Managing Director, Gruppo Marcucci
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