Greatness begins with awareness.

What will I gain from coaching?

Coaching can help you realize your goals in more powerful ways than you could on your own. For starters, you’ll have a “team” (yourself and your coach) focused on accomplishing your goals. Plus, with the structure, accountability and motivation your coach provides, you’ll be able to set and accomplish your most challenging goals — with less effort than you think. Your coach becomes a partner and an advocate for you… with a commitment to speak to you openly and honestly.

Finally, your coach is a professional who is specially trained to understand and interpret your needs, to listen to your desires, and to help you get “unstuck” in order to move forward.

So what actually happens with a coach? Here are some specific outcomes you’ll most likely achieve with Susan Spritz Myers:

  • Clarify and prioritize your goals
  • Develop a realistic plan
  • Monitor your weekly progress
  • Move beyond difficulties and obstacles
  • Achieve success

Generally, you’ll meet with Susan over the phone, usually weekly at the same time each week. A coaching relationship can last from three months to many years — depending on individual objectives. In your initial consultation, you’ll talk with Susan about your goals, plans and dreams as well as potential hurdles, and together, you’ll develop an action plan that will get you there.


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