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What is the Kolbe System?

The Kolbe system is a revolutionary, proprietary analysis tool that is based on empirical research and years of experience. Its foundation is built on the fact that our “innate talents” are unchanging and constant. This is in stark contrast to our skills and learned abilities — which are in flux throughout our lives.

Using the Kolbe system, individuals are identified by the unique ways in which they initiate solutions, respond to situations, and prevent problems. In fact, the Kolbe system has identified 12 instinctive methods of creative problem solving.

However, it’s important to note that one person’s approach is not deemed “better” than another. Rather, Kolbe studies have shown that having the right mix of individual types (or understanding the current mix) means greater productivity in the workplace — and better results no matter what the objective.

At the same time, Kolbe helps each individual to understand his or her inherent strengths — and how to use those strengths to better advantage in their personal and professional lives. In this way, Susan uses the Kolbe system as a basis for personal and professional development.

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