The Leadership Circle™

Do you know how your internal assumptions affect your leadership style and overall effectiveness?

Strong leadership requires great self-awareness. This includes understanding how our own patterns of thinking influence our actions as leaders and how that translates into a productive – or counterproductive – leadership style.

The Leadership Circle™ is a powerful, comprehensive executive coaching tool that helps shed light on these issues. It is a 360-degree assessment, which means leaders receive detailed feedback from the people they interact with (bosses, co-workers, direct reports) and can compare it with their own perception of their leadership performance.

The assessment covers several factors, grouped into two core – and contrasting – areas:

The Leadership Circle   


  • Get a full picture of how others perceive your leadership
  • Discover patterns & beliefs limiting your leadership impact
  • Improve how you handle challenges
  • Engage more effectively with co-workers and direct reports
  • Zero in on the most crucial areas for development


  • Get a powerful MRI of the impact of your entire leadership
  • Correlate leadership patterns to your company’s current results
  • Create a more inspired, effective culture
  • Discover beliefs limiting the company’s leadership
  • Reveal areas for organizational change



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During Executive Coaching and Team Development engagements, The Leadership Circle™ assessment might be used – alone or combined with other tools – to identify the most important issues affecting the client’s leadership and teamwork. The information gathered through The Leadership Circle™ is then put into context through real-life examples and used to chart a clear plan of action to positively transform the client’s work.



“The feedback from The Leadership Circle 360 was incredibly eye-opening. It helped me see myself in new ways through the eyes of others, and gave me such a clear understanding of what I need to shift when interacting with my bosses and direct reports.”
– Mae Hong, Vice President, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

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