The Kolbe System™

Have you ever wondered why some leaders and teams struggle with ineffectiveness and low productivity in spite of their tremendous talent and effort? Or why some individuals experience low morale and exhaustion in spite of being in a job they love?

This happens when the way we are forced – or force ourselves – to work is in conflict with the way we are supposed to work, based on our innate abilities.

The Kolbe System™ – created by Kathy Kolbe and Kolbe Corp. – is a proven tool that gets to the core of how each individual is uniquely predisposed to initiate solutions and respond to challenges. It is not about IQ or personality. It is about our natural way of taking action, which goes unchanged throughout our life and is determined by the degree to which we instinctively gravitate towards four distinct problem-solving modes:  



By focusing on the individual’s innate abilities – and how they interact with those of collaborators and supervisors – Kolbe delivers game-changing insights that are extremely validating and empowering for everyone involved. As a result, applying the Kolbe System™ can transform the way leaders and teams work.   


  • Stop spinning your wheels
  • Complete tasks more easily
  • Feel more energized by your work
  • Understand which ways of working make you thrive and which ones burn energy
  • Modify your communication style based on your audience
  • Understand you don’t have to be good at everything to be great
  • Use your unique action mode to power your work


  • Reduce conflict and work more efficiently together
  • Have more productive and energizing meetings
  • Meet deadlines with greater ease
  • Assign team members to roles that fit their natural way of working and maximize their contribution
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve communication among team members
  • Hire the type of talent the team is missing to be at its best

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The Kolbe System™ is a very powerful tool but represents only one piece of the puzzle. For Executive Coaching and Team Development engagements, Kolbe is paired with other tools and coaching resources to build a complete picture of the situation.

The information gathered through Kolbe and the other tools is then put into context through real-life examples to understand the practical applications of the assessment.

A clear plan of action is developed to make the most of the new insights and positively transform the client’s work.

The Kolbe System™ is the trademark of Kathy Kolbe and Kolbe Corp. All rights reserved.



“I have completely shifted how I approach my work and created a model that fits what is important to me and my Kolbe approach. Now how I work fits me, instead of fitting myself into a role that didn’t work for the long term.”
– Michael Hartman, Partner, FGMK
“The impact of the Kolbe analysis and Susan’s coaching have increased over the years. When I started a new venture, I have found the insights gained to be invaluable. I know how to structure my role in the enterprise to play to my strengths and how to build energy and enjoyment.”
– Greg Vachon, MD, Founder/CEO of Push Wellness
“Kolbe insights have helped us learn so much about ourselves and our staff. We are better at understanding how we work and how to work with others as well as how to hire to fill in the gaps in our team. Susan and Kolbe has become part of our firm culture.”
– Rhonda Marcucci, Managing Director, Gruppo Marcucci
“Susan has helped our entire team identify team strengths and potential sources of stress – knowledge that benefits us daily.  Susan has a unique ability to elicit meaning and ensures that we can translate it to real world examples so we can consider the impact.”
– Charlie Zei, Co-Founder and COO, Push Wellness Solutions


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