Greatness begins with awareness.

Understanding relationships like NEVER before

Kolbe’s new A to A report hits a grand slam in detailing what happens in relationships.  It provides:

  • insights and strategies to be more collaborative
  • areas where we might get challenged, and
  • helpful tips so we can understand what is at play between us and our co-workers.

Here are parts of the report which compare my Kolbe A Index results to Beth Tuttle, my assistant’s results.   It provides informative comparisons of each of our action modes (Fact-Finder, Follow-thru, Quick-Start, and Implementor) to give us ideas of where we will work well together and things that could challenge us.  The following is from the section that highlights the difference in our Quick-Start energy.  I can’t help but laugh; it reveals why we work so well together and the patterns which we must be aware of to keep the working relationship strong.

How You Both Deal with Risk and Uncertainty

Susan’s innovations are strengthened by Beth’s moderations

  • When Susan improvises, Beth is able to accommodate.
  • Beth is willing to see what happens when Susan starts experimenting.
  • Beth bridges the gap between those who resist change and Susan’s trial and error approach.
  • Susan will sell the idea and Beth will modify it for general acceptance.


  • Don’t push Beth into taking Susan’s level of risk.
  • Reward Beth for saving Susan from herself – which will happen.
  • Don’t let Beth talk Susan out of something her instincts clearly tell her to do.
  • Find others to brainstorm with Susan. It shouldn’t always be Beth.

This section describes our Follow-thru, the input is spot on.

How You Both Sort, Store and Organize

Working collaboratively

  • Susan is highly flexible about how things get done. Beth goes along with the established process.
  • Susan finds shortcuts. Beth finds inconsistencies.
  • Beth follows the plan. Susan doesn’t know where she put it.
  • Susan organizes through piles. Beth integrates with established methods.


  • When adapting systems so they work for Susan, beware of undoing ways that work for Beth.
  • Get Beth to protect Susan from the procedure police – but also make sure Susan follows the most essential ones.
  • Susan welcomes being interrupted. Watch for Beth’s eye-rolling type signals when Susan does it too often.

Beth and I have learned many of these points over the years by trial and error.  Wouldn’t this report be helpful for you to have this type of insight about your teammates as you are working with them? Please contact me if you would like to learn about the Kolbe system and how it can help you improve your working relationships, or if you have completed a Kolbe A Index and would like to run an A to A report with a teammate. © 2012 Kolbe Corp. All rights reserved.


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