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Teamwork design over white background, vector illustration.

Teamwork design over white background, vector illustration.

Working on a team can be a rewarding experience or an incredible challenge.  How well does your team work together?  Are projects done on time and within budget?  There are simple insights and strategies that can help your team be more productive.

Susan leads teams through TeamSuccess Seminars to help them improve how they work together. Each team member receives an in-depth understanding of how they naturally operate, as well as learn how other team members naturally take action.  Building this self-awareness and understanding of each other will significantly improve your team’s ability to work more collaboratively.

Participating in a team seminar will greatly increase productivity and communications as well as insights to become a team with better results.   Here’s what participants have said about working with Susan and this type of teamwork:

  • “Excellent!  Well worth our time.  Will help us drive results and value people.”
  • “Got a better understanding of myself and an opportunity to understand what it takes to build an effective team.”
  • “Now I understand how others on the team can help me reach our goals in a way that didn’t occur to me before the discussion.”

Call Susan to discuss what is happening on your team today.

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  1. chuck davis

    what will the charge be to conduct this for my client at their office in addison, il


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