Greatness begins with awareness.

Who are you, really?

Do you know who you are really at your core? Much has been  written about being your authentic self. What that means is to know yourself from the inside outside out. I often ask clients, who are you, really? For many, it is a very challenging question. Often the answer is a list of roles: parent, spouse, or businessperson. Look deeper. Notice when you are most excited and thrilled by your life, what are you doing? Who are you being? What truly moves you? When do you notice you make a difference?

Who am I? I am most happy when I get to be a true observer of people and then connect deeply with individuals from my observations. Yes, I am a wife, mother and coach. However, I feel most on  purpose and alive when I show up for all my roles as an observer and a connecter.

So, I invite you to begin noticing yourself. Who are you, really? How much more thrilling could your life be when you align your roles with your true self? Invite your friends and family to begin the conversation, who are you really?


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