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When values demand a change

When Values Demand a ChangeMany people have a clear definition of their values, however their daily activities do not always reflect those values.  Sometimes the disconnection between values and our work becomes so intense, a career change evolves quite naturally.

Catherine recently underwent such a change.  She started her own public relations business several years ago.  In addition to her busy business schedule, each Sunday she visited older and ailing patients in the hospital or nursing home as a messenger from her church.  Her Sunday work filled her so deeply that she began to dream of doing it fulltime.

Catherine took the plunge; she began a Masters in Divinity degree and started an internship at a hospital as a student chaplain.  She significantly limited her PR projects during the transition.  In the beginning, the challenge of becoming a student and working as an intern was a huge shift from her previous life as a successful business owner.

Catherine has completed her studies and internships, and now has a parish of her own.  She reports feeling more alive and is thrilled that her work world has a greater sense of purpose.  Catherine was able to align her values with her professional world.  She is absolutely thrilled with the changes she has made for herself.  And I would guess, so are her parishioners!


  1. Dana

    Excuse the pun, but u r singing to the choir… We so need to talk when u get back from India .

    It is all about feeling like u are aligned and living in your nature zone. When u do that… Everything feels right and your energy sores!!

    • Susan

      Love the choir!


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