Greatness begins with awareness.

Setting goals works

GoalsAt the end of each calendar year, I provide coaching clients with an exercise to review their successes, disappointments and lessons learned from the previous year.  Based on those findings, they define ten key goals for their professional and personal life for the coming year. Many find the exercise invigorating as they look back over what they did or didn’t accomplish. This, in turn, creates new excitement to create a strong plan for the coming year.

The level of attention to goal management throughout the year is the client’s choice. I encourage them to check in quarterly to ensure that they are on target. Some clients enjoy the structure, while others ignore it. Some choose to hold the goals as a conceptual blueprint without using a structured process during the year. At the end of the year, they are amazed by how much of their plan they have achieved.

This year is almost half over. Are there things you wanted to address and have yet to think about? Make a list of what you want to address before it is time to look back at 2013. Share the list with someone important to you and define some target dates and times to check back on your process.

Then pick one or two things you can address this week from your list. As Nike says, “Just do it!”


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