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Reunion coaching homework

shutterstock_206425192I recently had the pleasure of attending a high school reunion. The conversations were sweet and magical. I left wondering why I so love to connect with the pals of my youth. I suppose because it was a time of innocence, self-exploration and learning. We were witness to each other’s trials and tribulations of growing up. Stepping out of my hectic life to reminisce about our early crushes and playground disappointments was a true treat.

I mentioned the reunion to a client who said he had never attended one of his own. He confessed high school had been socially difficult for him and he had no desire to return. It dawned on me that stepping way back in time could be a great coaching assignment, whether or not you actually choose to return to your reunion.

Coaching questions that come to mind regarding my client are:  How did his awkward teenage years contribute to who he is today? How did he manage his insecurities and disappointments in those years?  And, how can those insights aid him with today’s challenges?

Take a moment to think about who you are today, and how your past contributed to what you like and dislike about yourself.


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