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Kolbe Wisdom™ on the Home Front

Kolbe WisdomI often teach and write about Kolbe Wisdom™ in the workplace. Recently, however, the same insights helped me understand myself on the home front.

I took a week off from work to be a full-time Mom. My goal was to spend time with my kids and get them ready to go back to school. I wanted to focus on organizing their worlds and I thought it would be easier to do so if I didn’t have my professional work to do.

I included the kids, hoping that would make it more fun and help get the tasks done. We did laundry, cleaned out clothes that were too small, bought school supplies, ordered school lunches, went for doctor’s appointments and haircuts, and had some play days in the city. By Friday afternoon, we had done everything we had set out to do…and I was completely cooked! I couldn’t believe how energy-draining the week had been for me.

Reflecting upon it, the Kolbe Wisdom helped me understand that the way I had approached the whole thing was contrary to how I naturally solve problems – and that’s why I was so exhausted.

My Kolbe result reveals that most of my mental energy falls in one of the Action Modes®, called Quick Start.  That means that my innate talent is my ability to INNOVATE or IMPROVISE; I have a great sense of urgency and can shoot from the hip with unlimited possibilities. All this energy finds an ideal outlet in my role as a coach, but not when it comes to creating an orderly home, which I am nonetheless committed to do. I value systems and order; it is just exhausting for me to deliver that energy for a long period of time.

I was proud of myself that I was present for my kids and took time off from my work life so they could be in good shape for the start of the school year. I was pleased with what we had accomplished and completely understood why I was so tired from all the tasks that were not a good fit for my innate patterns.

I’m not going to lie: I’m happy I can now return to my work as a coach and use my improvising energy again!


When work (of any kind) exhausts you, pay attention to how you’ve approached it. It might be a sign that the way you go about it is contrary to how you are naturally predisposed to work.

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