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Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Women's Equality DayI remember back in 1975, as a teenager, I was told by my father that I should not consider getting a job in business, as I would be taking a job away from a man who would need to support a family.

I found the comment shocking and it certainly fueled my motivation to gain an education and employment to become a strong, contributing female executive.

Forty years later, as an Executive and Team Coach, I have the privilege to work with many thriving, passionate leaders – male and female alike – and help them reach for even higher goals.

They are all different, not because of their gender but because each of them has unique strengths they can use to power their success in leadership and teamwork. Those strengths are what make them special and uniquely fit to fulfil their role and contribute to their companies.

That’s what I love to see, every day.



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