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Why innate energy matters

New-12-instinctive-strengthschart-smUnderstanding how you naturally solve problems can make a huge difference in your ability to get the job done well with lots of energy.  Everyone has an innate way of taking action which does not change over our lifetime. These problem-solving patterns are present in us as children and remain as we move through school, work and even into our adult relationships.

Kolbe Wisdom has defined four problem-solving action modes and each of us has some mental energy in each mode. The amount of energy in each action mode defines how we will act when striving.

The modes are:

Fact Finder – how we gather information. The degree of detail we require.

Follow Through – how we organize information. The degree of order we require.

Quick Start – how we deal with unknowns. The degree of risk, change or innovation we require.

Implementor – how we handle tangibles, tools or technological equipment.

When we teach teams the Kolbe Concept, we select a few ”volunteers” and ask them to leave the room. Then the facilitator explains a three minute team task that will be given to them. The facilitator predicts what types of action will be seen from each individual. When the “volunteers” return and begin the task, the spectators break into spontaneous giggles as they watch the predicted action take shape within seconds.

Organizations significantly increase their productivity when they learn about their innate ways of working.  They build greater self-awareness, work smarter together and teams find it easier to collaborate and experience more success.

How would more mental energy improve your results and productivity?   How well does your team work together? Call Susan to learn to increase your individual and team success and results.


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