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Discover the way you are naturally born to work and get yourself and your team to thrive…all the time.
You’ll open the door to possibilities you didn’t know you have and reach much higher levels of productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and satisfaction.


Reframe how you see yourself in your role and learn how to surpass your leadership goals by taking action in the ways that work best for you.


Get all the talent on your team to work in perfect sync, while developing each member into a more productive and motivated contributor.


Get coaching on how to be your best in your craft, grow your business and expand your client impact.

“As a result of hiring Susan as my executive coach, I am now a better leader and communicator with my partners and staff, which has had a huge impact on our firm’s growth and success.”

- Jeff Mowery,

Managing Partner, Mowery and Schoenfeld

“When working with our teams, Susan provides powerful leadership insights and helps us make sense of ourselves, so we work more effectively together.”

– Keith Eng, 

Sr. Director, HR/Organizational Development,

CVM Solutions

“Being both a Master Coach and a Kolbe consultant, Susan has an impressive depth of knowledge and expertise. She really helps you think through things and never gives you stock answers.”

Caroline Sugarman,

Executive and Leadership Development Coach, WYSIWYG Co.


On Leadership

      Happy Holidays! I hope you are planning for some downtime over the next 2 weeks, to recharge and enjoy a quiet break with family and friends. For leaders and teams, this is also a great time for reflection, since starting next week we’re going to have to shift our focus to the… Continue Reading

On Teamwork

Working on a team can either be a wonderful experience or an awful and exhausting challenge. So what creates such differences? In successful teams, people have respect for Continue Reading

Life Lessons

    I’m not a person who tends to develop any sort of addiction.  Yet, I have to admit that starting with the presidential election, I became addicted to Facebook.  I would often look at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I would have more than a peek at it… Continue Reading

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