Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Teams

Companies where leaders and employees have low emotional intelligence underperform because they are riddled with mistrust and tension, struggle to make decisions and meet deadlines, and experience high employee turnover.

The good news is, emotional intelligence skills can be learned and developed. It all starts with building self-awareness.  



  • Become stronger influencers and motivators
  • Build and restore trust
  • Understand yourself and others better
  • Adapt your leadership style to different personalities and environments
  • Manage resistance to change and demonstrate resilience when challenged
  • Think more clearly in stressful situations


  • Reduce and manage conflict well
  • Have a better understanding of internal dynamics
  • Achieve higher levels of trust, performance and customer satisfaction
  • Collaborate more effectively together
  • Provide opportunities for individual growth
  • Create a positive, satisfying work environment for everyone


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During Executive Coaching, Team Development and Leadership Onboarding , we might use the ESCI 360° and/or Genos EQ assessments to understand how the client’s social and emotional intelligence profile is shaping performance and relationships on the job and then create a custom development plan to strengthen core EQ skills.


Genos EQ is an internationally recognized Emotional Intelligence assessment tool that covers 7 crucial interpersonal skills. It provides accurate insights on how leaders and team members perceive, understand, and manage their own and other people’s emotions and how they take emotions into account when making decisions.


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ESCI 360°

The ESCI 360°, the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory assessment created by Dr. Richard Boyatzis, Dr. Daniel Goleman and the Hay Group, provides a more complete picture of a person’s emotional intelligence by measuring 12 important leadership skills. These competencies must be delivered by today’s successful leaders. The assessment includes confidential feedback and verbatim comments from colleagues and collaborators to avoid the inaccuracies of self-assessment.


ESCI graphic  



“The time my team spent learning about the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) model was extremely worthwhile. Everyone successfully created EQ development plans to support their leadership development. The feedback from the team was very positive and they found the plans to be very easily implemented – quite a success!”
– Missy Koppleman, EVP, NORC at the University of Chicago
“The feedback from the Hay Group’s Emotional Intelligence 360° assessment was very helpful in my leadership coaching. I heard things that I did very well and other things that I needed to tweak to be the kind of leader I aspire to be.”
– Paul Haisman, VP of Information Technology, YMCA of the USA

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