Strengths Profile

Approaching work by leveraging our strengths is extremely fulfilling and yields much better results. At the same time, we need to ensure we are not overusing our strengths, which becomes counterproductive.

The world-leading Strengths Profile tool helps you unlock the performance potential of individuals and teams by analyzing 60 strengths based on:

  • How much energy they give or take away;
  • How they help or hinder our performance;
  • How frequently we use them in our job.

With its breadth of analysis, the Strengths Profile goes far beyond the typical one-dimensional strengths tests. It is a very valuable coaching tool for building self-awareness and professional development.


The Strengths Profile “4M” Model, by CAPP®

R2 Strengths Profiler 4M Model



  • Discover which strengths can help you increase performance
  • Minimize strengths that are actually becoming counterproductive to your success
  • Understand which tasks you should delegate
  • Redesign your role to be more energized
  • Plan your career development around your optimal strengths


  • Maximize each member’s impact
  • Increase each member’s job satisfaction
  • Map roles to individual strengths for a better fit
  • Improve each person’s understanding of how to work with their team members
  • Hire the best candidates to complement the team’s strengths


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Taking the Strengths Profile is only part of the process. During an Executive Coaching, Team Development or Leadership Onboarding engagement, we spend time relating the results to the client’s everyday experience and the challenges they encounter. The main goal is to build self-awareness and create a plan of action to help the client address challenges more effectively and transform the way he or she works for maximum impact and fulfillment.



“The Strengths Profile feedback along with Susan’s coaching was so insightful.  I learned that when I was not able to use one of my key strengths to prepare for client work, it was creating tremendous stress and costing me precious time.  The light bulb moment was huge! I have revised how I work and that has been so helpful to me and my partner. I understand and enjoy the process of preparation now, leaving me confident and energized.”
– Caroline Sugarman, Executive and Leadership Development Coach, WYSIWYG Co.
“The Strengths Profile helped me understand that when I engage my strengths, my energy level is wonderful and I perform as the leader I aspire to be. When all those dots connect, I love my work and role!”
– James D. Johnson, SVP, Environmental Systems Design

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