Integrating into the new company can be both difficult and stressful for a new employee. Getting it done smoothly and quickly is particularly important for critical positions that have a big impact on the organization’s overall performance.

  • Strategic roles that must influence and be trusted by a variety of company stakeholders
  • Individuals hired in a new role just created within an organization
  • Positions that are met with skepticism within the company

  Onboarding Leadership Coaching helps new hires:

  • Increase awareness of their own strengths and how they can be leveraged in the new job;
  • Learn how to reconcile different ways of working to minimize conflict and improve communication and collaboration with bosses and co-workers;
  • Understand how to quickly become the type of leader the team needs.


Onboard Leadership Coaching yields the best results when it gets the buy-in from the people who will be working closely with the new hire. While the new hire will be the focus of the coaching, others may be asked to participate in the process. The coaching is done as one-on-one sessions, in person or by phone, usually twice a month, with assignments to work on between sessions. The duration of the coaching relationship depends on the situation and desired goals.

The Process

Onboard coaching is supported by proven assessment tools, used as needed to obtain objective information about the new hire’s assets and how s/he fits into the position and the organization as a whole.


Review the employee’s and the supervisor’s expectations of how the role is to be executed, to ensure a powerful working relationship;

Understand which of the employee’s strengths can be most effective in the new role and which strengths actually exhaust energy and are going to be counterproductive;

Assess the new hire’s ability to manage his/her own emotions and connect with others in any situation, even the most critical;

Teach the new hire how to recognize when the loss of objectivity is affecting his/her ability to lead.

The insights gathered from the tools will be put into context to help the employee integrate easily within the company, gain approval and start performing at full capacity as fast as possible.



“Our senior level, new hire was able to build strong relationships within the organization very quickly and build a solid team”
– Dave Tuttle, CFO, High Growth Technology Company
“With a new role, industry, co-workers and boss, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the change.  Working with Susan helped ground me during this time and to think about what it was that I wanted to accomplish during the first 6 months of the role and how to be successful from the start”
– Kim Olsen, Controller, Benefits Administration Company

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