Informal Interviews

One of the simplest yet most powerful tools for Leadership and Executive Coaching is the feedback from the informal interviews. The coach conducts confidential interviews with 8-10 people in the client’s circle, including peers, bosses, direct reports and even clients.

The interview process usually starts after a few coaching sessions, so that the coach has time to understand the client and the working environment and come up with questions that will solicit the most useful insights.

The client receives a themes report of input gathered from the interviews, highlighting key leadership development needs to guide the coaching process.

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The Coach

  • Gets a comprehensive view of how the client operates in his or her world
  • Gathers objective feedback on the client’s strengths and weaknesses, without the client’s filter

The Client

  • Receives performance feedback to which s/he would otherwise not have access
  • Gains an understanding of opportunities, challenges, and blind spots for his or her leadership
  • Hears what others really think about how s/he contributes to the team.



“Today I am a stronger contributor to our business. The self-awareness and insights from coaching and the 360º interview feedback was invaluable.”
– Vicki Evers, Senior Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.
“The verbatim feedback from the interviews was so much more powerful than what we usually get from typical online 360° reports.  It gave me confidence about what I do well and good specific ideas on how I can work smarter.”
– Ronald Donovan, Vice President, Customer Service, Large Utility
“The feedback from the informal interviews was tremendous. It was truly beneficial to hear honest, meaningful feedback from different peers within our organization. I heard what a solid contributor I am to our business and I gained a clearer idea on how I can provide even more powerful leadership direction to my team.”
– Ashlee Nelson, VP, Sales and Marketing, CVM Solutions

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