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What I love about Thanksgiving

What I love about Thanksgiving

  Everything! Here are the reasons why… We always celebrate it on Thursday. There is always a long weekend after the holiday. We share it, hopefully with special family and friends. We eat lots and lots of delicious foods. Everyone forgets about their diets for the day. Many cook at home, making the cooking as… Continue Reading

Do nothing, when nothing works

  Kathy Kolbe wrote that line, “Do Nothing, When Nothing Works” several years ago as part of “5 Rules For Trusting Your Guts” in her book, Powered by Instinct.  I have to admit I did not really understand this rule until today when it hit me like a thunderbolt. I am at that age when… Continue Reading

Two long goodbyes

  I lost both of my parents to dementia.  How they handled the challenge was as different as they were.  Dad never acknowledged anything was wrong and always fought any suggestion of it.  Mom was graceful about her memory challenges, always willing to acknowledge it.  I remember being so impressed with her grace when I… Continue Reading

Life lessons from India

  Last summer I had the opportunity to travel to India with my husband, Alan to spend several weeks at an Ayurvedic clinic for our health and well-being.  Ayurvedic is a type of ancient, Indian medicine. I was reviewing the blog we wrote from our last trip and thought it would be fun to share… Continue Reading

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